We have prepared 4 solutions that will give you the tools necessary for the execution of any communication plan or strategy.

Email Broadcast

SMTP PRO servers that allow sending up to 2000 emails per minute without affecting your domains reputation. It’s the only way to send bulk emails, without breaking rules that can cause problems in the behaviour of the domain and host services.

Newsletter tracking

We develop or ajust your newsletter or e-news in a way that you can messure the impact of the messages you sent to the market. With the tools we provide and always with the passage of our knowledge in the area you can assess visualy a statistically how, when, where and with what impact.

Social Engagement

We help you ajust the message to the means and social networks available. Each network has it’s own characteristics and tools, only its correct use and positioning produce desirable results. Its use in a professional way its increasingly more complex,  both by its “social” characteristics and by its security policy and technical use. We have human and technical means that will allow you to ajust your investment into a success strategy.

Solução 360

The means are digital, the spokesman are human. If you want to properly promote, follow and monitor a business, you have to give it support. Human support is critical for the trust of any public. Therefore, we offer human support solutions through services of human contact centralization. It could be a callcenter, mas it’s much more than that. It’s the implementation of a support workflow to your message that translates in the use of every tool supported by callcenter teams that garantee the most complete solution of communication and support to your message, event, promotion or launch.