Websites by sector

Our “by sector” solutions, adapt to any model of business in the area of restaurants, turism, car sells and health.

We develop plataforms that have unique features that allow for the automization of your business, from dynamic pages to present a restaurant menu, to integrated reserve systems for rooms/houses, powerfull search engines for products/vehicles, and more.

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E-commerce platforms

Our solutions for e-commerce adapts to any business model or brand that wants to start selling their products online, from fashion and sport clothing to technology.

We develop E-commerce platforms with simple or variable products, powerful filters for product search, integrated point system, automatic calculation of shipping prices based on user address, multiple payment gateways (Paypal, Credit Card, ATM Reference, etc.) and more.

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Custom Development

We develop platforms and websites based on your needs. Contact us, tell us what you need and we will develop it

Platforms for database management, development of aditional features for your website / online store and much more.

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Plataformas à Medida - Exemplo (Printone)
Campanhas Google Adwords e Envio de Newsletters

Digital Communication and Marketing

Do you want to make your brand grow? Your website doesn’t have as many visitors as you wish? Contact us and we will develop a plan to make your brand and the number of visitors on your website grow.

We also manage Google Adwords and Newsletters campaigns, your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and the SEO of your website.

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Domains and hosting servers

If you still don’t have a domains or a server to host your website, you can acquire both with us.

Just write the domains you want to register bellow and see if it’s available.

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Do you wish to acquire one of our hosting, registration of domains or web development services? Access our client area where you can subscribe to any of our services.

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Are you looking for a second-hand computer? Do you need an anti-virus software for you devices? Are you looking for hard drives, external hard drives, SSD’s or pendrives? Visit our hardware store.

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